Doritos celebrates queer love with new commercial in Mexico

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Doritos México celebrates it with a tear-jerking commercial. As part of their Pride All Year campaign, two girls are on a road trip and talking about everyday things until it suddenly becomes romantic and then sad. Doritos México presents its new Pride commercial, ‘Bold Love,’ as part of their “Pride All Year” campaign. The girls are seen holding hands in the dark while on a road trip and enjoy a bag of Doritos while discussing everyday events. It becomes romantic but with a sad twist as they talk about their future together. Despite anti-discrimination laws in Mexico, homosexuality is not fully accepted, making it even more touching when one says to the other, “I would introduce you to my family as my girlfriend, even if it means my grandma or father will no longer talk to me.” Later, one says, “I would like to marry you, even if half of the guests may not show up.” The commercial ends with statistics about LGBTQ discrimination in Mexico, with 76% of Mexican LGBTQ people not showing affection in public. The two girls have a great time together, as seen in this video.