Same Sex Marriage is Now Legal In Slovenia

The government of Slovenia has passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry. The so-called Family Code has been updated and came into effect on February 1st.

In October 2022, the Slovenian parliament voted for an amendment granting marriage rights to all citizens of the country, and also voted in favor of same-sex couple adoption. Slovenia is the first Southeast European country to introduce this legislation. The vote followed a ruling by Slovenia’s highest court that the ban on marriage and adoption by same-sex couples was in conflict with the constitution, which prohibits discrimination. On July 16th, the Slovenian parliament was ordered to come up with new legislation within six months, and same-sex couples were allowed to marry from that day, but the legislation has now been officially enacted.

Opponents of the new legislation were given fifteen days to protest, which they did, but on January 11th there was a referendum and on January 31st the Family Code was updated. President Nataša Pirc Musar of Slovenia stated that “Human rights are universal and apply to everyone, but they are never taken for granted. You have to fight for them every day. As a society develops, human rights legislation also progresses, legislation that applies to everyone and removes prejudices.” She continued, “That is why I am happy and proud that in Slovenia we fully equate the rights of same-sex partners with those of heterosexual couples, with regard to the ability to marry and jointly adopt a child.”