Czech top footballer: “I am gay and I no longer want to hide”

Jakub Jankto, a Czech football player who plays at international level, came out in a video message today. He says he no longer wants to hide who he really is. A courageous step, since there is still a lot of misunderstanding and discrimination in the world of sport against people who openly express their sexual orientation.

Jankto is convinced it’s time to show he’s not afraid to be himself. “I want to be able to live freely. Without fear. Without prejudice. Without violence. But with love. I am gay and I no longer want to hide.” He hopes that by telling his story, he will inspire other people to accept and love themselves as they are.

Janko, 27, is the most famous footballer to have spoken openly about his sexuality to date. As a midfielder, Janko played 155 games in Serie A, 14 in La Liga, and played 45 caps for the Czech national team.