Florida Man Jumps Out of plane and proposes to Boyfriend

Garo and Todd live in Miami and have been together since 2019. The two decided to go skydiving together over Key West, when Garo suddenly conjured up a surprise. He jumped first, and Todd saw from the sky what message Garo had left for him in the grass…

Garo Kiledjian and Todd Jordan Tyler have been happily married since 2019. The two are quite adventurous by nature and they recently went skydiving together.


First, Garo went down with his parachute. He jumped out of the plane, landed on the ground and didn’t hesitate for a moment: on the ground he placed a huge banner with the text ‘Will you marry me?’.

Todd saw what Garo asked of him from the plane and then jumped down as well. There, Garo immediately proposed to him.


Almost the adventure was canceled because of the bad weather. Garo says: “I was under so much stress. I had to arrange everything: the rose petals, the banner, a photographer and a cameraman to record everything.”

What Garo didn’t know was that Todd himself was already planning a marriage proposal. The two would go to Paris around New Year for a city trip. Now they will board the plane as an engaged couple.