Grindr shares data: A striking list of statistics

Just like last year, hookup app Grindr has listed some facts about its users in different countries. For example, Bolivia has the highest percentage of tops and a European country has the highest percentage of bottoms. Which country is that? You can read that here.

Grindr has shared its annual ‘Unwrapped’ list. It is about the positions of the users between the sheets, which emojis have been used the most and which time is most popular on Grindr.


A selection of the results: the top five countries with the highest percentage of tops are Bolivia, US, South Korea, Greece and India. Most of the bottoms are in Denmark, Japan, Serbia, South Africa and Peru. Most people who enjoy both live in Russia, Finland, Croatia, Germany and Taiwan.

The time when most users are active on Grindr is 9:00 PM, the most active cities are Washington D.C., Paris, Bogotá, Såo Paulo, and Houston. The most commonly used profile tags are fwb, anon, kissing, bi, and discreet. And the most searched tags are hung, trans, feet, bb and dom.