TV Series in the Making About The World’s First Openly Gay Footballer

Justin Fashanu was the most important British footballer to arrive in the UK in the 1980s. In 1990, after retiring from his professional career, he came out as gay. Fash, a TV show based on his life, is now in the works.

Jakub Jankto, a Czech football player who competes at the international level, came out yesterday. He is the first professional footballer at that level to accomplish this feat.


Justin Fashanu, a British footballer, played at the same high level in the 1980s. He was also gay, although he didn’t come out until he had finished his professional football career. That was back in 1990.

Fashanu endured prejudice and homophobia in the years that followed, causing him to commit suicide in 1998.

Fashanu’s brother John, who is also a footballer, is collaborating with LGBTQ rights activist Peter Tatchell on a new TV series called Fash, which follows the life of the first out homosexual footballer.

He tells film magazine Deadline that he was estranged from his brother due of the footballer’s rumors. Both brothers had to contend with racism, which further strained their relationship.


Fash’s script has been written by screenwriter Kwame Kwei-Armah. “As a child, I always watched the Fashanu siblings,” he said in a statement. They enthralled and motivated me. When I think about them now, my heart bleeds. “I want to delve into Fash’s past.”

“A lot has been said and written about Justin and my relationship,” says brother John. It is time to tell the genuine tale in a way that no other medium can.”


Fash will emphasize Justin Fashanu’s career highlights, such as the fact that he became the first black footballer in Britain to earn more than £1 million in 1981. Of course, his coming out and the difficult years that followed are also covered.

The show will air on the British channel ITV. The precise date is unknown. This, hopefully, will be followed by a broadcast on one of the networks or platforms available.