Lil Nas X ‘not really gay’? The rapper strikes back

Rapper Lil Nas X is openly gay and regularly finds himself in the spotlight with his daring performances and videos. Now there are those who question his sincerity, saying that he is “not really gay” and his image is “forced”. His reaction to that is just as daring…

During performances, Lil Nas X sometimes kisses a male dancer. The rapper does not shy away from his love for men in his videos either, on the contrary: some contain scenes in which many people get red ears.


Last weekend, Lil Nas X performed at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chile. Someone then posted a video fragment of that concert on Twitter and wrote: “I have the impression that he is not really gay and not very feminine. It’s so forced.” As if gay and female are synonymous, but that aside.

Someone else took it a step further and said: “One day we will realize that Lil Nas X is not gay. He framed the LGBT community and pocketed a bag of money.”


The rapper did not stop there. He retweeted the post above and wrote: “Should I blow someone behind McDonald’s in Chicago at 4:45 AM on Friday in the middle of Pride month streaming all this on Twitch and Instagram before you realize I’m am I really a fruitcake?”. Whereby fruitcake is a derogatory term for someone who is homosexual.

In the end, his fans stood up for him.


Incidentally, Lil Nas X is also sometimes completely wrong. He recently apologized for a joke he made on his socials, saying he was transitioning. Quite a few people blamed him for that.

Here is the tweet from last weekend.