OneLove prominent in EA SPORTS FIFA 23

With the OneLove campaign, football speaks out in favor of connection and against racism and discrimination. Around the International Day against Racism and Discrimination (March 21), this is happening again in professional football, amateur football and school football. The campaign will also feature in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 this year. Players will be able to unlock a special OneLove kit, along with a set of stadium decorations such as banners and boardings. They can use these items in-game to upgrade their stadium and show their support for the campaign.

OneLove is an important message that touches the DNA of football: you play and experience football together. By expanding to FIFA 23, OneLove reaches even more (young) people. The love for the sport brings millions of people together and that is the beauty and uniqueness of football. Racism and discrimination exclude people and are therefore at odds with what football stands for.

In addition to the awareness campaign, OneLove consists of a training offer for associations aimed at the power of diversity. OneLove is one of the twenty parts of the attack plan of the national governments and soccer organizations against racism and discrimination in football: ‘Our Football Is For Everyone’