UFC fighter forced to come out: “I didn’t want to announce it that way”After an intimate video was leaked

For the first time, a UFC fighter has come out as bisexual. It is about 25-year-old Jeff Molina and he did this after an intimate video of him with another man was leaked.


Molina continues his post: “All my life I have dated women and suppressed other feelings while on the wrestling team in high school. The thought that my mates, teammates and people I looked up to would look at me differently is something I didn’t want to think about.”

At his last fight, in June last year, Molina wore a text on his pants supporting Pride month in the US. Then the negative comments poured in. Even now, a lot of hate is coming at him, he writes. “I get a lot of shit and hate thrown at me. But I get the same amount of support and that means a lot to me.”


Molina hopes he will continue to be seen for his fighting skills. “In a sport like this, the majority of fans are homophobic. At this point in my career, I couldn’t see myself telling this yet. I want to be known for my fighting skills. And not as ‘that bi fighter’, which would soon turn into ‘that gay fighter’. I didn’t train hard for that for 11 years.”