Nazi scum protest Ohio drag brunch

On April 29, 2019, in Columbus, Ohio, a group of around 20 Nazis demonstrated against a drag brunch. Blood Tribe, a Nazi organization, showed up with black flags with white swastikas and a sign reading “There will be blood” in front of the Land Grant Brewing Company, which was hosting a drag brunch fundraiser. Nazis were easily identifiable by their uniforms of black hats, gloves, and trousers paired with red sunglasses and t-shirts displaying an emblem that resembled national-socialist signs.

“Blood, Under the Aryan Sun, No transgenders on our streets” —all yelled while Nazi salutes were thrown.

The brunch was a fundraiser for the Kaleidoscope adolescents Center (KYC), a community center for LGBTQ adolescents that provides services such as counseling, tutoring, and job placement assistance. According to reports, the police prevented the Nazis from spoiling the breakfast.