The meaning of LGBTQ+ and other versions

Defining the LGBTQ community. During the month of June, which is known as Pride Month, this phrase is frequently used. And these days, it’s not uncommon to hear the acronym LGBTQ+ used in place of LGBTTTQQIAA. But, what does the plus sign in LGBTQ+ actually mean? Don’t worry if you’re too nervous to ask a question right now; we’ll give you a thorough explanation.


What does LGBTQ stand for? We will explain to you what the abbreviation LGBTQ stands for in this term. This is the meaning of LGBTQ:

  • L stands for lesbian, a lesbian (homosexual) woman.
  • G stands for gay, a homosexual man.
  • B stands for bisexual, a bisexual person who likes men and women.
  • T stands for transgender, a transgender person. These people do not feel (entirely) at home in their body with associated sexual characteristics. It can feel like they were born in the ‘wrong’ body. Sometimes people choose to undergo gender reassignment surgery.
  • Q stands for queer or questioning. People who prefer not to put their sexual preference in a box. The word queer is also used to define anyone not straight or cisgendered.

A few years ago, the term LGTBQ was expanded with three letters and became: LGBTQIAP. Now we see, and there is much evidence for this, that there is a great deal between man and woman. Just like gay and straight. This is what the added I, the A and the P stand for.

  • I stands for intersex: people with both male and female body characteristics.
  • A stands for asexual, people who have little to no sexual attraction.
  • P stands for pansexual, people who fall not on gender, but on character or personality.

But nowadays there are actually all kinds of combinations possible, with the most extensive abbreviation: LGBTTTQQIAA. What does this stand for? lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual (people who don’t feel at home in their own body), two-spirited, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally (straight people who express their support). Sometimes the term LGBTQ+ is chosen because letters can be added endlessly and no one is left out.

As extensive as this list may seem, you may not find yourself in these names. You are free to identify with what you feel comfortable with.