Kansas City to become a sanctuary city for trans people

Kansas City has proposed becoming a “sanctuary city” for transgender individuals due to Missouri’s strict laws surrounding gender-affirming care. A bill introduced in April would make it extremely difficult for even adults to access such care, requiring extensive counseling and medical documentation of gender dysphoria for three years. Additionally, individuals with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, may be ineligible for care. In response, the Kansas City Council has presented a resolution to establish the city as a “sanctuary” for trans people seeking healthcare.

The LGBTQ+ Commission supports the bill, citing the need to ensure that all residents have access to life-saving medical care. Councilwoman Andrea Bough stated that the council is drafting legislation to protect the trans community, but must carefully consider existing restrictions. Missouri has created a website to report doctors providing gender-affirming care, but it was quickly taken down after being trolled with memes and jokes.