LGBTQ+ Ugandans flee country after Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Source: Africa News On Youtube

Rainbow Railroad, a global organization for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, has reported a surge in requests for help from LGBTQ+ individuals in Uganda seeking to leave the country. This increase is due to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which further criminalizes same-sex activity and introduces a new felony of “aggravated homosexuality,” defined as having sexual relations with a minor, having sexual relations while HIV positive, or incest.

More than 468 LGBTQ+ Ugandans have sought assistance from Rainbow Railroad so far in 2023, with 56% identifying as trans or non-binary. Kimahli Powell, executive director of Rainbow Railroad, is calling on governments worldwide to help LGBTQ+ refugees from Uganda, as some countries’ policies on asylum seekers pose challenges for the organization.


The UNHCR projects that 110 million people will be uprooted from their homes this year due to conflict and persecution, making a partnership with Rainbow Railroad in Uganda essential to ensure the safety of those who must escape their homes. The LGBTQ+ community in Uganda has faced hostility from the government for a long time, with the recent adoption of the revised Anti-Homosexuality Bill causing concern among activists that it may lead to a “genocide” and inspire “a lot of fear” among the community.