Florida teacher under investigation after showing class Disney movie with gay character

A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state for showing a Disney movie with a homosexual character to her fifth-grade class. The teacher claims she was unaware that a contentious law prohibiting education on certain LGBTQ+ themes had been extended to her grade level.

The law, originally enacted in March 2022 for kindergarten to third grade, now applies to all grades through high school. Teachers who violate the law may face suspension or revocation of their teaching licenses. The incident sparked a complaint from a parent who objected to the movie, leading to the investigation. The teacher argues that the film was part of an Earth sciences lesson and not intended for indoctrination. The parent, who is also a member of the Hernando County School District Board, believes the movie is inappropriate for children. The teacher resigned from the school the week before the incident, citing politics and fear as reasons for leaving.

The investigation will be conducted by the Florida Department of Education, and recommendations will be made by an attorney to the commissioner regarding further action.