Republican suggests defunding US Army over Pride celebrations

Republican Congressman Chip Roy from Texas is calling on the Department of Defense (DOD) to eliminate a letter permitting LGBTQ Pride events on military bases. He argues that if the DOD doesn’t comply, Congress should halt funding for the U.S. Armed Forces. Roy voiced his concerns on social media and in an interview with Fox News, questioning whether rainbow-colored uniforms during Pride Month would be the next step. He criticizes the approval of such events as a wasteful use of taxpayer money, suggesting that constituents are furious and that Congress should not support the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) if these events continue.

The NDAA, passed annually, is a crucial bill that funds the U.S. defense, with the military budget reaching $858 billion in the 2023 NDAA. Congressman Mike Rogers, now head of the House Armed Services Committee, emphasized the importance of adequately equipping servicemembers to safeguard national freedom. He views the NDAA as an essential commitment to national defense. However, Congressman Roy appears to hold a different perspective, indicating that he does not consider protecting America a priority.

Fox News obtained a memo from the Air Force, sent on May 3, approving June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month and instructing installation leaders to plan suitable events. Roy’s office shared a flyer detailing Pride Month activities at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, including a “Pride Game Night,” “Unity in Diversity Color Run,” and a group talk titled “Our History, Our Time!” Congressman Roy objected to these events and called on Republicans to withdraw support for the must-pass military spending bill.

Furthermore, Roy recently made derogatory comments about Lia Thomas, a transgender champion swimmer, during a speech on the House floor. His remarks were disrespectful, and he also misspelled her name.

Advocating for defunding the U.S. Armed Forces aligns with Congressman Roy’s past actions. Earlier this year, he opposed providing any funding to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In 2021, Roy was the sole member of Congress to vote against a delayed emergency aid bill, displaying a callous attitude towards the suffering of children at the border.

Leading up to the Georgia runoffs, Roy predicted a civil war if Democrats were victorious. Although his prediction did not come true, Democrats did emerge as winners. Roy faced allegations of making threats against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and voted against the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act later that year. During the peak of the pandemic in July 2021, he expressed outrage at mask mandates in the House of Representatives, and in December, he voted against a bill aimed at aiding sexually abused children.

Congressman Roy’s pattern of controversial actions and statements raises concerns about his approach to important issues. His opposition to LGBTQ Pride events, along with his history of opposing funding for various departments and voting against aid bills, suggests a lack of empathy and disregard for marginalized communities and vulnerable populations.